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About the IIA Internship

The IIA Internship is a professional work placement program designed to provide you with practical work experience in an industry related to your field of study. Placements are arranged specific to your individual needs. Our online application form gives you the choice of industry, location, start date, duration and more. The position you will be offered is generally unpaid and suitable for you if you are currently studying at university (or recently graduated) and are looking to compliment your theoretical knowledge with relevant practical work experience.

Guaranteed Internship Offer

Apply and you’ll receive an internship offer with a reputable Australian or international host organisation within three months.

Certificate Upon Completion

You’ll receive an organisation reference letter or IIA internship certificate at the end of your internship to bolster your resume.


Generally 4-12 weeks, however this may vary depending on your requirements and the number of days you decide to do your internship per week.


Paid internships are dependent on host organisation availability. Although paid placements are sometimes available, the IIA internship is generally unpaid.

How it works

  1. Access your account

    Sign up for a free intern account and log in to the members area

  2. Submit your application

    Choose your preferred industry, city, start date, host organisation and attach your documents.

  3. That’s all! We’ll find your internship

    We’ll send you an internship offer matching your application requirements and arrange an interview for you.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the IIA internship, you need to be currently studying at a tertiary level institution or recently graduated. You should have strong English oral and written communication skills, equivalent to an IELTS test score of 6.0.

For international applicants and non-citizens, you must hold a valid visa to Australia. Valid visa types are most commonly a working holiday visa or a student visa. You will also be required to have the ability to multitask, perform under instruction, be punctual, have an attention to hygiene and be well presented.


Full pricing and process details available within your account.

What interns are saying

  • “The host organisation and placement was very good, I had the opportunity to learn a lot and I am very grateful. Thank you so much.”
    Angelina de Costa
    Intern - Online Media
  • The internship helped me a lot during my studies. I could practice things I learned at university and also what to expect when I start working after studies. My supervisor taught me a lot and also made contacts for when I apply for a job next year :)
    Cynthia Mai
    Intern – Journalism
  • This is the best overall experience I have had with any theme of any kind. TommusRhodus made me feel like a valued customer and I feel empowered.
    Raresh D.
    Kolkata, IN