Internship in Australia for Affiliates

We’ll arrange personalised industry work-experience for your students.


What we’ll deliver

Internship in Australia (IIA) is an internship company supported by a number of Australian and international organisations (IIA host organisations) to find candidates for practical work-placement positions (internships) they make available at their organisation.

We offer your institution the opportunity to access these professional work-placements for your students. IIA institutions include universities, colleges and other career development institutions that have a supply of students looking to take part in our internship program. In addition to the coursework given to students during their studies, we offer internships aimed at solidifying their theoretical knowledge and providing the opportunity to put it into practice in a real business environment. Over the years, we have proudly established strong relationships with Australian and international institutions, delivering professional internships for their students, and we are always interested in growing this network.

Guaranteed internship offer*

Apply and interns will receive an internship offer with a reputable Australian or international host organisation within three months. (*depending on agreement)

Streamline applications

Tailored placements that maximise host organisations suitability to your students profile


Arrange interviews (and additional logistics) with candidates and organisations that match their request

Career Building

Resume building industry experience that enhances students’ employability


An organisation reference letter upon completion of internship period

Support & Feedback

Provide monitoring and support for entire length of the interns placement

How it works

  1. Access your account

    Sign up for a free affiliate account and log in to the members area

  2. Submit your application

    Choose your students preferred industry, city, start date, host organisation and attach their documents.

  3. That’s all! We’ll find your student an internship

    We’ll send you and your student an internship offer matching their application requirements and arrange an interview.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the IIA internship, applicants need to be currently studying at a tertiary level institution or recently graduated. Applicants should have strong English oral and written communication skills, equivalent to an IELTS test score of 6.0.

For international applicants and non-citizens, a valid visa to Australia must be held. Valid visa types are most commonly a working holiday visa or a student visa. Applicants will also be required to have the ability to multitask, perform under instruction, be punctual, have an attention to hygiene and be well presented.


Full pricing and process details available within your account.

What affiliates are saying

  • “It is such a great asset for our college to offer your internship services. All of our students are really excited to start their internships in the coming months. Thanks for your support.”
    Rebecca Shelton
    Career Advisor
  • “You guys are great! Our students have all given us positive feedback regarding their internship placements. We look forward to working with you for our summer batch of applicants.”
    Talia Gurung
    Student Recruitment Team